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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Please send us a link and a detailed description of what happened.Please also include what device and web browser/app you were using.

Fairhol U JUyiterias a/ Life^ Death, and Ft Uur Hy^ i Uuttm Ud/rom tir« Reuorol oti ...i , Mt ley'* rei.-eotly published history.

Q powder, in ordei- to arrest tbe progress of tlie flames, is said tn have been resorlerf to with stio- CMS during tbe Great Fire of Loudon, Itititj ; and from the above extract from Gay it may perhaps be inferred that the practice still continued in bis diys. At pre- sent (thanks to tbe multiplication and increased power of fire-engines, and to improved meiho Js of buildinj;) there is no necessity fur baving re- course to such dusjfer Hle expedients for tbe pur- pose of controlling the rage of tbe "devouring element." W.

'Two or three gathered together' , genet Wft^ u Tiic T«. Is tbere any ca»e on record during the last century in wbtcb the frame plan bus been adopted?

In " I he iron ture," bearing oi the suhj'Wt dae* up«n tbe i;reitt of the navfti supin i "'_'*' ^, opinions which are forms the political :. be expected, the Qmtr Uriy d«iiiunrv D Lord .iohii fur giving sanction to eatcrpriies with which wb faiiv*; concern.

- Tbe Dogi of History and Rumoaoo one of those gossiping articles which always li^ Review. of iba follswlac Book* lo bt tml 4b MI I* Utt fw Uemm by *b Api^vbn In Dolt Ctrart.


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