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Updating ruby mac

The first thing we're going to need to install is XCode which you can get from the Mac App Store.After you have that installed, we're going to need to open Terminal to execute a few commands.If you run into any issues, I’m on Twitter several times a day. There are few things I’ve been unable to solve thanks to the internet. Learning Ruby & Ruby on Rails changed my career in ways unimaginable. ruby-build does not check for system dependencies before downloading and attempting to compile the Ruby source.Use the default build definitions as a template for your custom definitions.The build process may be configured through the following environment variables: tool installed, ruby-build will automatically verify the SHA2 checksum of each downloaded package before installing it.

Once it's done, we'll have Ruby 2.4.2 installed.

By the end of this guide, you will have these things installed and have some very, very easy ways to manage gem dependencies for your different applications / libraries, as well as having multiple Ruby versions installed and usable all at once.

We assume you have access to your machine, and that you have an understanding of the basic concepts of Ruby, such as "What is Ruby Gems?

Please ensure that all requisite libraries are available on your system.

If you wish to develop and install a version of Ruby that is not yet supported by ruby-build, you may specify the path to a custom “build definition file” in place of a Ruby version number.


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