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Anonymous, This same thing happened to me when i got an MD player of ebay. I am especially willing to help since I went through this pain before, and it is a pain trying to get something online.

The guy sent it to me without the MD cd, and I went through a lot of trouble getting it. TO ALL SUFFERERS OF SONICSTAGE ______________________________ it isn't widely known, but you can transfer your music from your PC to your MD using the free version of Real Player.

I've never had any problems at all with Sonic Stage in the past, in fact I found the program easy and fast, but i read in the help files that it has protection against checking in on a different comp. If you've lost your driver or install cd's ect.

Then use your favorite capture software to rerecord what you want in real time.

this suggests that nothing on my comp is corrupt (reffering to the database error message) but sony's software itself! silly beggers didn't get the battery recharger tho, or the usb cable for it - which I left at home. So I've ordered a Hi-MD player from amazon - I'll let you know if the rumours are true when it finally arrives. PC, but I think its impossible cause of there g-a-y compresson format.

Should I take the battery charger and usb cable into work and leave them in my coat pocket for the theives as a present... If you wish to thank me, just post it computer had sonicstage already installed in it when i got it. The easiest way I find to get music to my MD is to use Nero and set up an image drive and burn the music to an image on this drive like you would a CD this takes like 5 minutes. I've wasted 10 CD's with this software - but there is no alternative available. This downloads a little patch from Real Player and allows you to transfer Mp3 to your net MD, the same as a CD.

If you are running a 64 bit version (x64) of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 64 bit or Windows Vista and you want to transfer music from your computer to your Net MD device but you can't connect your Mini Disc than the device has become useless. But first, some explanation why your Net MD device doesn't work...

All you have to do is download the 64 bit Net MD driver and follow the tutorial below.


  1. It is used by the VAIO Media application to catalog media files and uses Microsoft SQL Server Express as its database. VzCdbPlugin64.dll; - SonicStage Database Adaptor; VzCdbSsDB64.dll; - VAIO Entertainment Database Service; - VAIO Entertainment Database Service.

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