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Updating tweetdeck blank window calgary 50 s dating

Once I found that running the web-based version of Tweet Deck on Chrome was almost exactly the same experience as the desktop application – and it worked, I decided not to waste anymore time on the desktop application.I will probably still periodically check the desktop version of Tweet Deck, after new versions or Windows updates, but the web-based Chrome solution at least puts me back in action. I get a blank window for Franz as well as a window opened in Chrome for the link.Regular hangoutss, hipchat, slack, etc etc work fine.It should be noted that my experience is based on a Windows 7 system.My apologies to the Mac users out there, but perhaps some of this may help you as well.Twitter announced today that it's ending support for its Tweet Deck Windows app starting April 15th, forcing PC users to rely on the web version instead.

Twitter does give instructions for how to pin the web version of Tweet Deck to your Windows task bar, but that may do little to console PC users who've come to rely on Tweet Deck's stand-alone app for its more digestible view of Twitter feeds. I never enabled it, so that isn’t the problem here.Windows Update Because my laptop is new, I thought I might need to update some crucial files that the Tweet Deck application needed.After tinkering around with settings, I eventually just turned my firewall off completely, and the same errors persisted.Internet Security Some have claimed that programs like Norton Internet Security might cause problems with the Tweet Deck app.7/20/2012 Update Tweetdeck has just released an update.It may be a good time to run Tweetdeck, install the update, and see if it works for you. Perhaps by the time the desktop version ever gets fixed, I’ll be so used to the Chrome solution that I won’t care anymore.You can run the web-based version of Tweet Deck at web.None of my Twitter columns ever populated with data.I tried sending a tweet from one of my accounts, but I was greeted with the no-so-helpful message: “Failed: Sending update to Twitter.” I thought that maybe I just needed to delete and re-add my columns. Doing so, I noticed that all of my Twitter accounts names were labeled “Unknown.” Further, when I went to add a new account, all I saw was a blank screen where I should have seen the screen to input my account’s login info. In the end, I’m moderately satisfied with the results, but here are the things I tried, based on scouring forums for solutions…


  1. Read the answers to commonly-asked questions regarding TweetDeck. the correct Twitter account. You can check the account you're logged in with by clicking the gear icon If the displayed account is correct, try refreshing the page. This will open a screen with a lot of information; at the bottom will be a blinking cursor.

  2. Feb 14, 2018. I have same exact problem on both my Macs. Clicking a link in Gmail, Telegram, Slack, Discord and Tweetdeck opens a new blank Chrome window. Very frustrating as it renders Franz basically useless.

  3. Mar 17, 2016. TweetDeck's standalone Windows application is going extinct. TweetDeck has a new white look and works a bit different than it used to. Overall, this is not. Twitter updated its TweetDeck Chrome and web apps Thursday, allowing you to interact with tweets wherever they appear in TweetDeck. The update.

  4. Mar 17, 2016. Twitter today said it would halt updates to the Windows version of TweetDeck in four weeks.

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