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Updating zenwalk

Zenwalk comes with an integrated settings tool, with GUI access to a lot of different options.

Dig through the menu and you’ll find a few other tools for configuring things, meaning this is a great distro for first-time users to explore and experiment.

In many ways it reminds me of old-school Linux – exploring and tweaking things feels rewarding. Slackware, the oldest existing Linux distro, is great but not really easy to set up.

You need to decide everything, which is overwhelming for new Linux users.

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Zenwalk’s been compared to the likes of lightweight distro Puppy Linux Here, we'll be taking a look at a distribution of Linux that is famous for being able to run with very little hardware requirements, Puppy Linux.

It’s hard to think of much you’ll need that’s not offered out of the box.

With all of these programs offered by default, most people will find themselves with a usable computer right away.

It installs with a curses based installer, which is a straightforward affair.

I chose to use my whole hard drive for the install, so I didn’t really get a sense of how the partitioning would seem to a new user.


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