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Validating a measure of teacher technology integration

Not expecting to find any epiphanies like memes and selfish genes, I’m going to pass on Nye’s 300 page Reader’s Digest version. The employees are all bibliophiles and the new non-fiction tables are typically full of great books.I usually feel like a kid in a candy store and walk out with an armload, but not this time. I noticed that roughly a quarter of the books were written by entertainment celebrities, which makes sense from a publisher’s perspective because they have a good chance of being profitable.Ceding that argument may well get him excommunicated (Ed Begley might not want to be seen in public with him). For this reason, convincing him to cease and desist parroting old (and new) anti-nuclear energy arguments may be just as difficult as getting a creationist to cede their arguments.In short, Bill is, on this particular subject, as guilty of ignoring the science (numbers) as his creationist counterpart.From that article: “Exelon, the largest nuclear power generator in the USA, was a generous financial supporter to get Barack Hussein Obama elected president.No wonder President Obama supports and promotes building more nuclear power plants.” At the bottom (no pun intended) was the following crass political cartoon (I’ve censored it for the weak of heart) which encapsulates the big three; anti-GMO, anti-vaccination, and anti-nuclear energy, oh, and fluoride.It’s a more colorful version of the one found here, and similar to one published by Greenpeace and one in Wikipedia here.Bill Nye: “It may be that nuclear power, at our current level of understanding, is just inherently not safe enough.” Sunniva Rose: “How is it possible to worry about global warming, and not be pro-nuclear?

I’m presently in the middle of reading Appetite for Wonder.The above graphs cover the entire half century of nuclear power use in all countries around the entire planet.A nuclear power plant built in the sixties is about as technologically distant from a new one as your smart phone is from a transistor radio, a 707 from a 787. One stripped down definition might be the use of math to uncover reality.Contrary to popular depictions (and the conspiracy website mentioned above), Fukushima was actually a test case that bolstered the nuclear safety issue.Not a single fatality resulted from the power plant when, not one, but three reactor cores melted down as a result of a magnitude nine quake and 60 foot high tsunami that killed tens of thousands, devastating the surrounding countryside and infrastructure, severely limiting the ability to respond to the loss of water pumps keeping the reactors that had automatically gone off line from cooling down.All anti-nuclear energy arguments have been losing ground since the advent of the Internet, where the truth can usually be found by anyone interested in finding it.The “nuclear power is unsafe” argument was one of the first to fall. Now, of course, you can lead a horse to water …but what about Fukushima?Today, thanks to the likes of Rosalind Franklin who managed to take X-ray diffraction images (worth a thousand words) of a DNA molecule that very likely gave the hint to Watson and Crick that helped them unravel the double helix structure of the molecule, we now know what that mechanism is. Bill recently wrote a book about evolution called Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of which made it to the New York Times best seller list …which pales in comparison to the seven books co-written by Jerry Jenkins, co-author of the Left Behind series of books that tell …“the story of the end times (set in the contemporary era), in which true believers in Christ have been “raptured“, (taken instantly to heaven) leaving the world shattered and chaotic,” that also reached the bestseller list (three of which made it to the number one spot).The evolutionary process, it turns out, is raw mathematics. Although the science behind evolution is undeniable, Bill is unlikely to ever get a creationist to cede the argument in large part because they are socially invested in their belief. They are members of the creationist monkey troop and ceding that argument will get them excommunicated.If it was the latter then his stance was largely based on a lack of knowledge.Some are hoping that because Nye was convinced to distance himself from anti-GMO ideologues that he may also one day distance himself from their anti-nuclear energy counterparts, as several highly visible environmentalists have managed to do over the last few years, but I’m skeptical.


  1. Observation Tool on Pedagogy and Technology Integration A Delphi Study. •Used as statewide teacher measure to facilitate. Validating –Round 1A

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