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Validating data extracts

Query Surge ensures that the data extracted from data sources remains intact in the target data store by analyzing and pinpointing any differences quickly.

And Query Surge makes it really easy for both novice and experienced team members to validate their organization's data quickly through our Query Wizards while still allowing power users the ability to write custom code.

For example, a DAC package file contains the database tables, stored procedures, views, and users, along with the logins that map to the database users.MAX data are derived from MSIS, and because it is necessary to allow for the delay between service delivery dates and claims adjudication dates, the availability of MAX data for a particular time period lags behind that of the MSIS data.Since the MAX data contain individually identifiable data, they are protected under the Privacy Act.So the first minus query for these tables is Table_1 MINUS Table_2: (SELECT f_name, l_name, position FROM Yankees1MINUSSELECT first Name, last Name, Positions FROM Yankees2) The result set should be the rows we have highlighted in RED below: Then you need to subtract Table_2 MINUS Table_1: (SELECT first Name, last Name, Positions FROM Yankees2MINUSSELECT f_name, l_name, position FROM Yankees1)The result set should be the rows we have highlighted in GREEN below: queries for all data, making sure the extraction process did not provide duplicate data in the source and all unnecessary columns are removed before loading the data for validation.While working with Query Surge is the leading solution for automating the testing of Data Warehouses and Big Data.If there is no difference, there is no remaining result set.If there is a difference, the resulting rows will be displayed.Learn more about Query Surge here Validates 100% of your data quickly, storing complete data sets from both source and target data (at a 90% compression rate).This exposes all data mismatch failures, row count differences, and column type mismatch failures.All with Deep-Dive reporting, a Data Health dashboard, Test Management integration, Dev Ops compatibility and the ability to connect to any data source.Query Surge is everything you need to automate the testing and validation of your project’s data.


  1. Excel spreadsheet. Once the data is in Excel, you can manipulate and format the information as needed. The feature is also available for all validation tables. Validation tables are the tables that contain codes that populate lists of values in Banner forms. Example 1 is STVTERM, the Term Code Validation Form, where term.

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