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There are 5,241 households with unmarried partners in Clark County.All the romantic hoopla on Valentine’s Day may cause some singles to wonder what their chances are of finding “the one.” Although the answer is unknown, the ease or difficulty in finding a mate may vary according to age, sex and the frequency one visits certain settings where singles are statistically most likely to find their other half, according to experts.By the time the single population reaches 60, there are roughly twice as many single women as men due to women’s longer life expectancy.The choices are further depleted by men’s tendency to prefer younger women, Wilkinson said.Finding a partner is difficult, but knowing the reality of who’s available and where to meet them can help singles improve their chances of finding their Valentine.Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor from the University of Washington and author of more than a dozen books on love, compares searching for a mate with a job hunt.

“You see somebody new, and you find out it’s your friend’s brother’s ex-girlfriend.That trend is more noticeable among women, who commonly attend college and launch a career before getting married, unlike many of their predecessors.“They have more choices in life,” said Lindsey Wilkinson, sociology professor at Portland State University.“Most of the people who have good relationship skills are married.” Love locations Online dating websites have been one way that singles improve their chances of meeting their significant other.Online personals cater to every interest group and demographic, including Greeks and horse lovers.“That makes dating more difficult than going out with the girl you grew up with or the girl you met at a sorority mixer.” Women may have a more difficult time finding a mate later in life than men.In youth, women have the advantage in the dating game. The odds of love Between age 20 and 39, Clark County’s single men outnumber single women 29,202 to 26,297.Vancouver resident Alicia Salazar, 24, said when she walks into a nightclub she has plenty of suitors. “Whether it’s the kind of guy I want is the problem.It’s hard to find a guy who wants to be in a relationship.” Meanwhile, Vancouver’s Stephen Smolen, 24, said he’s ready for a relationship but hasn’t been able to find the right girl. No one has showed up yet.” He said he usually goes to Portland to meet girls because he finds the singles scene limited in Vancouver.Then, you have to deal with all that baggage.” By 40, however, there’s a reversal of fortunes for single men.Single women in the same age bracket begin to slowly outnumber them.


  1. Feb 1, 2017. Here are the best things to do for singles in Vancouver Brews For You. When you're single in Vancouver, you don't have to worry about waiting on someone to meet you for coffee on time. You can mosey. Plus, if you're looking for the Vancouver dating scene, this is the perfect time to run into new people.

  2. Apr 7, 2014. Fed up with Toronto's dismal dating scene, ALEX MOLOTKOW tries her luck in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Ottawa and Halifax are 51.4- and 51.3-percent female, while Vancouver hovers around 51 percent. Montreal and. Onstage, the last dancer of the night rolls a sheet of paper into a cone. I watch as a.

  3. Mar 16, 2016. Dating can be frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. Get dating tips, advice and facts from the professional matchmakers for singles at It's Just Lunch - Vancouver, Canada.

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