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I'm laughing at all the losers who are like; "GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL AND I'LL GIVE YOU THE BEST VIRUS IN THE WHOLE WORLD : D: D: D LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ROFL" and "i'm so coolz cause i has best antivirus program everz : P: P: P: P: P"Oh please... I know and understand how computers react to simple programs. I have three computers: Windows XP, Mandriva Linux PWP 2010, and Mac OS X 10.6.If you think that it is crazy for someone to want a virus, that just means to everyone that you don't know how to fix a computer in the event that you mess it up.For those who are confident in their ability to fix computers, yes we want viruses for learning purposes, and to possibly make money.Very few viruses are created now to destroy computers. i challenge you all to send a virus or viruses to my email and open on there own without me opening an attachment, i want them not to be detected straight away i also need them to attack my reg files and my hard drive simulataneously do your fucking worst!!The trading platform Plati does not permit publishing illegal content on the resource pages.ATTENTION In connection with the frequent cases of attempts to deceive the buyers, I URGENTLY recommend you to record video from the moment of purchase of the goods and up to the moment of its verification!Can't say I have never had a virus on my hardrive but never found a virus or anything like it otherwize the things i've downloaded myself. The internet is full with Virus, Worms etc But they can be avoided!Just by knowing which site to trust like the site "google".

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