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is a highlight – and even sent a comedian to pose as a crazed Roy Moore supporter.

His only real frustration is when he gets attacked for being part of the “Hollywood elite.” “That’s not how I think of myself, certainly, and I don’t come from a show business family,” Kimmel says. He offered the crowd drinks and took full advantage of the open bar, leading to his own drunken performance four shows in. “Helpless, alone, rejected by female guests except for Tammy Faye Bakker, Jimmy Kimmel drifts toward the ninth-circle of talk show hell,” Salon wrote. ABC closed the bar after that first week and decided to tape the show each afternoon in 2004 after actor Thomas Jane swore on air.

There is also a bust of his beloved, late grandfather Sal on a table and a portrait on the wall of Uncle Frank, who served as an on-camera foil until his death in 2011.

(Frank’s ex-wife, Kimmel’s Aunt “Chippy,” remains a frequent target of hidden camera pranks.) At Kimmel and Mc Nearney’s wedding in 2013, comedian Jeff Ross suggested they were getting married because the host couldn’t stand having someone on the staff he wasn’t related to.

Suddenly, Kimmel was being discussed on the op-ed pages. In the past two years, that ranged from 0 to ,700 donations to candidates across the country as well as former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’s gun-control campaign. “But I’ve never felt this way about a president before.” After his passionate monologue about Billy, he gave up trying to pretend.

“You can’t not remember that night,” says Ellen De Generes, a longtime friend. “He was very pointedly not political,” says comedian Sarah Silverman, a longtime friend whom he dated for years. I remember he forwarded me something to host for Katie Couric for gun control because he didn’t want to get political, and I was like, gun control? He even sent ,700 to Doug Jones, the Democrat who was running against Republican Roy Moore in Alabama — under his own name.

A week after Billy’s second surgery, in December, Kimmel brought his son onto the show and, for the third time in 2017 — he had lost it after the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Oct. His openness may have connected with millions of viewers. “When I see a screen grab of me that night, I was talking about my son, or I was talking about Las Vegas, and my face is all red and I have tears in my eyes, I can’t browse away from it quickly enough.” — Emotional takes on the political hot-button topics of the day have found their way on to Kimmel’s show, but there’s still plenty of room for outlandish and indelicate laughs, as well. Scott Schafer/The Washington Post) “I guess the question is, what kind of dinosaur is Barney? He’s sitting at his computer, his Adidas sneakers off. The host nibbles on apple slices or pinches salt over a bowl of cottage cheese.

“He’s a Tyrannosaurus,” says Josh Halloway, the show’s monologue writer. He’s down to 185 pounds, in the midst of what Mc Nearney calls a pre-Oscars starvation diet.

He connected Billy’s battle with a larger issue at hand, namely President Donald Trump’s attempts to cut the National Institutes of Health. 8, 2016 — Kimmel didn’t have the slightest interest in lobbying for health-care legislation. Kimmel masked his political giving by donating everything he and Mc Nearney gave under her name.

He is in pursuit of the ultimate millennial thrill, safety be damned. Jimmy Kimmel, wearing jeans and chewing gum on a Wednesday morning, watches the action on a monitor from the set of the El Capitan Theatre. Their task is to decide which clips work for “Jimmy Kimmel Live! As the train rumbles into the frame, it slams into the man’s arm — duh, he’s standing too close to the track — and the video dissolves into blurry, blue nothingness. The host remains silent, his head bowed from behind his desk. “We’ll make it look like he has no arms and no legs and, like, a little body now.” The bit is about as sensitive as a keg stand and, for longtime fans of Kimmel’s show, should offer some comfort.

The old Jimmy, the chubby “Man Show” dude with floppy white sneakers, would probably take the easy road, cashing in a stranger’s misery for a cheap chuckle. Even as his priorities expand to senatorial races in the Deep South, there’s room for tasteless fun.

For years, Kimmel was a kind of also-ran in the late-night battle between NBC’s “The Tonight Show” and CBS’s “The Late Show,” the third wheel to Jay Leno and David Letterman, and later Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

Then last April, Kimmel and Mc Nearney’s son was born with a heart defect and had to undergo emergency surgery.


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