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What is uranium series dating

See also companion paper on Australia's Uranium Deposits and Prospective Mines.Recent Production from Australian Uranium Mines (tonnes of U production: 2351 t from Ranger, 3813 t from Olympic Dam, 1183 t from Four Mile, 100 t from Beverley, total 7447 tonnes (6315 t U).Consequently ERA became a 68% subsidiary of North Limited, and this holding was taken over by Rio Tinto Ltd in 2000.In 1998 Cameco took over Uranerz, eventually giving it 6.69% of ERA, and Cogema took over other customer shares, giving it (now Areva) 7.76%.However, annual production diminished from 2012 as progressively lower grade material is processed at a constant mill rate of about 2.4 Mt/yr.It is envisaged the lowest grade material might be blended with high-grade ore from underground from 2016. Until 1990 all ERA sales of uranium concentrate were from Ranger production.In 2011 ERA purchased 2126 t U to meet its sales commitments, including 1636 tonnes for actual 2011 sales.In 2012 about 500 t was purchased (387 t to end June).

During 1987-8 EZ's interest in ERA was taken over by North Broken Hill Holdings Ltd and that company merged with Peko.In 2008 total energy consumption was 1457 TJ, for production of uranium 2264 PJ (@ 500 TJ/t used in conventional reactor), ie 0.064% of output.CO equivalent greenhouse gas emissions were 155,0000 t.(NB ERA reports drummed production, whereas Rio Tinto reports Ranger figures on a slightly different basis.) Operations resumed in June 2014, but no product was drummed in that half year, and only 1165 t was produced.All ERA uranium oxide sales are to energy utilities in Japan, South Korea, China, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the United States under international and bilateral safeguards regulations.The first two orebodies are now mined out and work is under way to develop an underground mine, though in the longer term the Jabiluka orebody, 20 km away on a contiguous lease, is a more significant prospect (see Uranium Deposits paper).The mining authority runs to January 2021, 40 years from commencement.In establishing the company in 1980 the AAEC interest was bought out for 5 million (plus project costs) and Peko and EZ became the major shareholders.Several customers held 25% of the equity in non-tradable shares.Honeymoon was shut down in 2013 pending improved uranium prices, and the main Beverley (and North Beverley) wellfields were also shut down soon after that, until late 2016.There are plans to bring Honeymoon back into production.


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