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When updating security for a remote procedure call rpc

It will work easily along with your existing security software.You can easily download ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’ tool from the official ‘Microsoft’ website.You can easily determine the conflict that causes the problem with the help of clean boot.Read the below mentioned steps to perform a clean boot: Troubleshoot Method One: Restart your computer and check and confirm whether the problem has got fixed or not.In a high-security or home environment, listening RPC ports may be undesirable as it may invite potential exploits.

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I know it cannot be disabled entirely, so I've tried to make it at least visible in software under the impression that the functionality would largely remain the same: The mapper is there, just not listening on the hardware.

A lot of these services, like Link-Local Name Resolution or Net BIOS, can be disabled, albeit with a little bit of work.

While I understand that the Windows RPC subsystem has a dependency of nearly every system-installed service, the RPC Endpoint Mapper will bind to the typical msrpc port (port 135) on all interfaces.

Resolution Troubleshoot Method One: Restart your device and check if the problem got fixed or not.

If not, then perform a clean boot to fix the problem.


  1. Lightweight Remote Procedure Call LRPC is a communication facility designed and optimized for communication between protection domains on the same machine. In contemporary small-kernel operating systems, existing RPC systems incur an unnecessarily high cost when used for the type of communication that.

  2. Dec 18, 2010. Remote Procedure Call RPC is acronym for Remote Procedure Call is an inter-process communication technology that allows a computer program to call a procedure in another address space commonly on another computer, connected by a network

  3. Feb 22, 2018. While one flaw relating to the SvcMoveFileInheritSecurity remote procedure call RPC was fixed in Microsoft's February security updates, Project Zero said analysis of the patch revealed that the other flaw has still not been fixed, despite giving Microsoft an extended grace period so that a patch could be.

  4. You could also add a rule that explicitly blocks connections to 135 from remote machines. Best to block both inbound and outbound, if you're really paranoid, since an attacker might present a malicious RPC server and attack you via returned data or callbacks. I'll admit, I haven't tried this myself. Interested to hear if it works.

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