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He changed his last name to avoid confusion with another actor and moved to London to perform with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The film shocked the establishment with its violent scenes, its tone heightened by Mc Dowell's penetrating gaze and malevolent smirk.

Those attributes captured the attention of director Stanley Kubrick, who cast Mc Dowell for the role of gang leader Alex De Large in his adaptation of the Anthony Burgess novel seemed to mark the start of a more tumultuous period for Mc Dowell.

The information about Malcolm's affairs is not disclosed yet.

Malcolm Mc Dowell is a white ethnicity actor of nationality United Kingdom with height 5 feet 8 inches.

" Stanley would say, "OK, let's rehearse." "What do you want, Stanley? You come up with the ideas." THR: Like your "Singin' in the Rain" rape scene.

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I was just the actor who was chosen by these great directors, but the films mirrored what was happening in the world, the mood of rebellion, the idea that we'd had enough of the establishment, of wars and so on.”Malcolm Mc Dowell was born Malcolm John Taylor on June 13, 1943, in Leeds, England, to parents Charles and Edna.He worked at his parents' pub but lost his job when the pub went bankrupt had done a variety of job from coffee salesman to messenger.Malcolm's acting career was started by the film "Poor Cow" on 1967 in which his role was just of two minutes but soon he caught the attention of director Lindsay Anderson who cast him in the movie "If..." on 1968.He divorced his first wife, actress and publicist Margot Bennett, and battled addictions to cocaine and alcohol.But there were personal and professional successes too: Mc Dowell remarried, to actress Mary Steenburgen, in 1980, and completed the Mick Travis saga with Anderson's By the early 1990s Mc Dowell had divorced and remarried again, this time to photographer Kelley Kuhr, and found himself typecast in villainous roles.Malcolm earns his salary from the film industry that his net worth is about Million which is ver high.Edit An white English actor Malcom Mc Dowell full name Malcolm John Taylor was born on June 13, 1943 to parents Charles Taylor and Edna Taylor in Leeds, England city which is located in The United Kingdom. Edit Malcolm Mc Dowell's acting career was started by the film "Poor Cow" on 1967.A white English actor Malcolm Mc Dowell full name Malcolm John Taylor was born on June 13, 1943, to parents Charles Taylor and Edna Taylor in Leeds, England city located in the United Kingdom. Malcolm was sent away for boarding at the age of 11, there he realized that he had a love for theater and acting.Malcolm has played varied film roles across different genres as a character actor.THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: You have 30 IMDb credits since 2011, versus 13 in the entire 1970s. Malcolm Mc Dowell: I get a kick playing Stanton Infeld on [TNT's] , that's how it started. [The film will be released theatrically, then by Warner Home Video.] THR: What are your favorite classic roles? But the weekend of the star thing, the Cinematheque shows a series of my films: If..., . THR: How does your monster butler compare with 's Alex? THR: Stanley would be so happy to see you getting back to song and dance.


  1. Jun 15, 2017. Two years after the Arkansas native landed her breakout role in the 1978 film “Goin' South,” she married her first husband, English actor Malcolm McDowell, in 1980. After giving birth to her daughter Lilly McDowell, she won an Oscar for the 1980 film “Melvin and Howard.” “I had Lilly, my first child, two and a.

  2. Mar 16, 2012. For one of cinema's most iconic figures, Malcolm McDowell has gotten fewer honors than you'd expect runner-up for a National Society of Film Critics award for A Clockwork Orange, a shared. Why did the thrice married father of five whose son Charlie is dating Rooney Mara have to wait until age 68?

  3. May 6, 2016. It's no wonder Rooney Mara and boyfriend Charlie McDowell were bundled up for a shopping trip in Manhattan's Meatpacking District on Thursday. Black is back The 31-year-old actress and her 32-year-old director beau, who is the son of English actor Malcolm McDowell and American actress Mary.

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