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Who is terrance zdunich dating

So the ideas, you know like how you were talking about with your career, you learn each step of the way, you figure out what works, what doesn’t what people like, what they don’t, the most cost effective way to do things and you keep building.And so we are hoping to do it all over again this year, in fact we are doing it all over again, and hopefully do it bigger and better and keep building on this brand we have established.Shawn: Let’s start off with the Devil’s Carnival Tour. Did it go the way that you pictured it before you set off or was it better?Terrance: Well it definitely exceeded our expectations.Sadly it wasn’t that much of a success, and I don’t know if it could have been honestly, but I think if we continue building – maybe at some point.But it paid for itself, paid back our investors plus interest, and we get to do what we love to do which is create art. We have put together our press packages and our still reels and basically highlighted what we did, how it was successful.So when we came back and said okay we are doing Devil’s Carnival now, we are going to tour it, we were really just hopeful, really optimistic, perhaps naively optimistic, that those same people that showed up for Repo almost five years ago would show up now, and not only that, but do it on many more stops.

How about yourself, you said you were starting a new business?You know, the last time we did this was with Repo and that was in 2008.When we took Repo on the road, it was a much smaller, way less ambitious tour schedule. At the time it just seemed like a gigantic undertaking, and of course, it was successful.I think, most importantly, that people came out had a great time and that is kind of why we did it.So yeah, it was a huge success and we proved that we can do this, we can make independent arty musical films, on a budget, and take it directly to the fan base and basically, you know, recoup your money.So the manufacturing of DVDs, Blu-rays – the whole thing we did from the tour paid for all that.And we still ended up in the black in profit by the end of it, but not in the actual way that it is like, hey here is a million dollars in profit that we can go film the next one.And that is something that a lot of people have been struggling with for awhile, especially with the way the state of movies have been changing. Now, that said, successful in the terms of how Hollywood would think of success, probably not.But in terms of what we are doing, it was hugely successful and it is hopefully just beginning.I liked elements of it obviously, but that sort of rigid structure, that corporate structure just was devastating to me.And had I stayed in there I probably would have been climbing up on the watch tower with a rifle by this point and start picking off peasants.


  1. In an email interview, co-creator/ co-writer / cast member Terrance Zdunich tolds us a bit about “Repo! The Genetic. First, I want to clear up something if you look online, it will say that Repo had 3 projected release dates April, August, and November of '08, with November 7th being our ACTUAL release date. While it is.

  2. Sep 7, 2015. This item is a Pre-Order for the Advanced CD release, which will be shipped BEFORE the official release date of 9/04/15 1. Shovel And Bone – Terrance Zdunich & Briana Evigan 2. All Aboard Everybody's Doing The Ark – Ted Neeley, Alisa Burket, Kristina Klebe & Francesca Vannucci 3. Only By.

  3. Jul 13, 2017. Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman's American Murder Song was a big hit last year, criss-crossing the country with The American Wake Tour roadshow; and. Check out The Donner Party Reunion Tour poster below along with a video, and if you see a date that works, click here to order your tickets.

  4. Aug 22, 2011. I dated a girl with this level of batshit crazy oncethat relationship lasted about 6 days. Dominique. Oh dear Terrance! You can't argue with logic like that mostly because there is no discernable logic. And really, if you will continute to flout The Word by consorting with Gothic People I think that deserved.

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