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No director or lead actor has been formally announced.Greg GORMAN (Né en 1949) AL PACINO, LOS ANGELES, 1983 (TONY MONTANA SCARFACE) Tirage lambda Signé, titré, daté et numéroté au dos Edition de 25 exemplaires h: 48 w: 34 cm Commentaire : LAMBDA PRINT; SIGNED, TITLED, DATED AND NUMBERED ON VERSO; EDITION OF 25; 18,72 x 13,26 in.It was the crazy Eighties, the decade of avarice, greed and introducing that into the world; greed is good and the whole thing from Gecko in Wall Street.I thought it was a very socio-political statement, which is why rappers took to it. I know a lot of people who don’t deal drugs who are inspired by it.

He has been attached to a host of his co-stars, including a two-decade long on-off affair with Godfather co-star Diane Keaton.“Well I don’t know what to say about that, I don’t know.” But his moment without an opinion is short-lived.“I look at Scarface and I don’t see that as the metaphor.I see what Brian De Palma was talking about when we made it.It’s about a kind of ingenuity, suddenly coming from the bottom and rising, which is why the original was so inspiring for me.There is something else too that seems to trigger off a certain thing, and that is this sense of his ideals as an outsider.”Pacino was born in New York in 1940.Manglehorn was filmed in Austin, the home of the reclusive director Terrence Malick.Pacino and his co-star Hunter would meet up with Malick in their breaks. The greatness of his performances mean that sometimes the roles that he has played have taken on lives of their own.Brian De Palma a transposé l'action du film de Howard Hawks (qui se déroulait à Chicago) dans le Miami des années 1980, où se concentraient les criminels libérés des prisons cubaines.Ce choix a provoqué des vagues, notamment au sein de l'Office du Tourisme qui craignait que le long-métrage n'offre à leur ville une réputation de haut lieu de la criminalité cubaine, et fasse ainsi fuir les touristes.Talking about Manglehorn sees Pacino ramble about obsessions, the pertinence of Holly Hunter’s character being called Dawn, which then fuses into more praise for the director, before he ends on a commentary about his acting method: “I tried to make the performance come from the unconscious. He has been known to give 20-minute Shakespeare soliloquies in interviews. Nonetheless, that’s probably a good thing, as it’s hard to imagine him as the loveable rogue.So it seems appropriate to ask him a more forthright question, in the hope that this works like a bucket of cold water. Yet there is one director he turned down whom Pacino seems to regret not having worked with.


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