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We released our debut CD “Further Down the Bend” under EPIC/Sony Music Philippines in 1996 and toured the country for over a year.That CD received critical praise and eventually won a Katha Award for Best Rock Instrumental.Prior to that I already knew how to read and write music from Music class in Don Bosco Makati.Later on I enrolled in Music College first in UST then eventually transferring to PWU where I got my Bachelor Degrees in Guitar performance and Music Education.We started gigging as “Blues Trio”, a terribly imaginative name, hitting clubs like 70’s Bistro, Mayric’s and the Edsa Club Dredd.When schedule conflicts with Wolfgang started making life difficult for Mon, we brought in Claire Sobejana on bass.I signed up for classical guitar lessons a couple of weeks after.

Eventually they fired their guitar player and invited me to join.: Youthful pride, I guess.What most of us may not know is the different adventures that Perf has experienced through the years; from taking up a challenge from his high school music teacher to learn to play a new instrument all the way to playing classical music pieces with a 10-string classical guitar.His musical exploits include being the original guitarist of Rivermaya, forming power trio Triaxis, sideman to late Pinoy rap artist Francis M. Now living in southern California, Perf De Castro is strumming nylon more than he is riding the lightning with his electric axes. I took classical guitar lessons from 3R’s Yamaha School of Music when I was 13.Wendell, Claire and I decided to change our name to “Axis” after the Hendrix song, mainly because we didn’t want to be limited to the Blues genre as our previous name suggested.Shortly thereafter we changed it to “Triaxis” just to make it easier for people to say and remember.By 3: I started off digging New Wave: The Cure, The Alarm, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Echo and the Bunnymen, Bolshoi, etc.When I started playing I found out that I needed to buy guitar effects to play New Wave.Being without guitar pedals I got into Punk: The Descendents, Sex Pistols, anything that only required me to turn up my amp and rock out.: The band was pretty much formed in my studio along Sucat Rd in 1993.Lizza Nakpil found the core members Nathan and Rico and started auditioning the other members there.I remember a time when Bamboo lost his voice and we couldn’t gig for weeks!Instead of moping around, I grabbed my guitar and looked for gigs where I could just sit in….


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