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Will yun lee dating

While the two stars were filming the drama, they were suspected to be dating throughout and were accused of this.

They were spotted riding in a car alone together as well as working out together by multiple witnesses, but when asked at the time, they denied being in a relationship.

Starting in March, he will be appearing on tv N drama ‘Live’.

Actress Seo Ji-seung is well-known as a sister of pro-gamer Seo Ji-soo.

I don't assess how my husband looks every single day and think, Is he cute enough, or whatever?

On February 28th, Lee Si-eon’s agency announced, “after hearing the news, we are currently trying to confirm with the actor himself.” According to the original report, the two actors have been good friends and recently developed their relationship.

Despite the report, both of their agencies have announced that they are “confirming” whether it is a fact or a rumor.

Meanwhile, G-dragon’s group Big Bang recently finished their concert on the 31st last month.

She has also appeared on dramas including KBS2 ‘TV Novel Sister Bokhee’ and KBS2 ‘For the Sake of Son’.

According to the article and photos provided, G-dragon and Lee Joo-yeon were spotted visiting each other’s houses.

The two also reportedly traveled to Jeju Island together in last December.

Nam Sang Mi said, “We were just colleagues who cared about each other at first but as more and more time passed, we realized the feelings that we’d developed for each other.” She also said that they’ve been dating since earlier this year.

While they were on Life is Beautiful, they portrayed a couple very much in love who ultimately got married.


  1. Will Yun Lee dated Natassia Malthe in the past, but they have since broken up. Will Yun Lee is currently married to Jennifer Birmingham.

  2. Oh Yeon Seo denied alleged dating rumors with actor Lee Jang Woo on MBC "We Got Married" in tears. However, many fans and viewers are continuously criticizing her for faking her tears in order to stay on the show.

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