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Woman sex meeting basel

(SRF/swissinfo.ch)After complaints from people living in Basel’s red light district, the authorities marked out areas where prostitutes are allowed to stand with special green pictograms.

The authorities estimate the numbers of sex workers in Basel to be around 800.

For music, the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club is a small venue that often features acoustic music. We saw it and didn’t go in because it wasn’t happening when we were around it, but Papa Joe’s above the main tram stop at Barfusserplatz looks like it could be Basel’s version of Senior Frogs in Mexico.

Which means it has the look of a tequila-slammin’ good time.

We know of many fascinating women: empresses and noblewomen, nuns and holy women, witches and prostitutes, however also wives and mothers.

It is incredible what women have accomplished, suffered and undergone!

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Last year the government proposed measures to better protect sex workers and to fight against human trafficking.

You had better get there before midnight on weekends, or you’ll be waiting in line or having your pints outside on the patio and adjacent grass hill. Pickwick’s Pub is a mere two blocks away – everything in Basel is within short walking distance, another plus for the nightlife in this city – and, compared to Paddy’s, is typically British understated. That means you can walk right into the place, grab a pint and find a table. The bartenders are so authentically British you have to concentrate to understand their thick accent if you’re not used to it.

Paddy Reilly’s is located on Steinentorstrasse, just a couple of doors down from the Radisson Blu Hotel which, considering the latter’s location and the fact that it’s a nice property, is an ideal place to stay while in Basel. If there’s a football game on, or any other sports you want to see, this is the place to watch it.

If you’re looking for an under-the-radar place to party in Europe, a city that provides plenty of party punch but that hasn’t been beat to death with the tourist stick, then look no further than Basel.

The nightlife in this Swiss city on the Rhine River is nothing short of sensational.


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