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Jealousy is an unnecessary emotion and an unnecessary strain people put on their minds.At the end of the day, if a guy wants to cheat, he will cheat regardless of the fact that you are jealous or not.” If a man is in a bad mood or does not feel like talking, it is best to leave him alone.Men are not women, and because of that, they often do not like to talk about their issues in the same way women do.If any guy cheats on you, you have just found out your relationship was doomed to fail anyway.The first thing on your mind should be, “Thank goodness this happened now!If anything, these women should feel more motivated to make an effort to look sexy and attractive for their man in order to keep that sexual energy buzzing.If you were ever in a relationship and felt like your sex life died, this is probably the reason.

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If he does cheat, then he is the only one losing out.All of this can be avoided if you are straightforward with him whenever you have an issue.Nobody is perfect, and that includes the guy you are dating.This not only suffocates the man, but it also makes you look needy, which is another major turn-off for any man.This is probably the main skill women have, but it also makes men crazy.This mentality will not only help you in your relationships, but it will also help your life over time.The only thing worse than being grouchy 24/7 is blaming the guy for your behavior.This is also why many men feel inclined to cheat within a relationship.It is a shame to see the incredible amount of women who think that once they are in a relationship, it is OK to let go and stop shaving their legs or fixing their hair.If a man is trying to cheat, he will never try to do it in front of you.If he is talking to a woman in front of you, know that he is probably just talking.


  1. Aug 05, 2006 Best Answer Yes, some women can be grouchy me included. We are just human, we have problems. Now women aren't grouchy all the time. And it really saddens me that.

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  5. Grumpy old women It's the ladies who lose their cool more as the years go by. By Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail. is rumored to be dating singer Shawn Mendes.

  6. Women go through hormonal changes that cause cessation of the menstrual period. Grumpy not-so-old men Midlife, men, hormones. By Carolyne Zinko.

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