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In an interview, you want to find out what kind of fit the environment is for you, not just prove that you have what it takes to do the job. Eventually you fall in love with the process, and before you know it, your ideal match shows up.” -David Brown Jr., author and transformation coach“When dating, always put forth your full energy and effort.

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Unlike dating coaches, life coaches look at your experience holistically and consider the varying elements that may need to change to help you find happiness, as opposed to finding love (which, sure could be the same thing).I don’t discount the value an expert adds to any conversation, regardless if they focus on love or life, but I will say that talking about modern dating with life coaches was incredibly refreshing, simply because their perspective is so different from traditional matchmakers.From really getting in touch with your inner dialogue to changing your perspective straight out of the gate, here are 14 ridiculously helpful pieces of advice from 15 life coaches who know how to shake things up:"The dating world can be exhausting, especially if you’re a bit of a serial dater and not really connecting with anyone.As a single girl and a writer, I’ve talked to countless dating coaches.They all specialize in different things and while their dating advice for singles is often warranted, researched and tested — it also sounds a lot like what everyone always tells you.These are the friends that will have your best interest at heart and along the journey if this is the right person these will be the people your new love interest has to come to love.They will be here long after they are gone if it doesn't workout.” - June Archer, author, motivational teacher and life coach“Before you start dating to find a lifetime partner it’s important that you love everything about yourself.If you truly want to bring love into your life, say loving things in regards to your love life.Be excited, be hopeful, be love.” - Alionka Polanco, NYU certified personal life coach“Just as a novel can bring you to a new place, a new time, new ideas and circumstances, so can a date.To help keep yourself present and motivated to keep dating, ask yourself what you can learn from this person.You may not feel any sparks from the moment your eyes meet, but instead of watching the clock and ducking out ASAP see what interesting little nuggets you pick up from this person.


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